This month can be a weight. It is a constant reminder of the underfunding of pediatric cancer research. It has taken me a long time to accept the cancer word when talking about Melina. I know she had a brain tumor, but a four year old with cancer was just to much for my heart to accept.

Everyday I face the reality that my little girl had the deadliest type of cancer. I also face the fact that only 1% of funding goes towards research for Melina’s type of cancer. I couldn’t accept the word cancer and in 32 days it took her life.

I know families that watch their children suffer due to the minimal options that’s exist for all pediatric cancers. The fact that I even say families is too much.

These children deserve more. Every child deserves options. Every child deserves a chance. No child deserves less than 4%.

As challenging as September is, this month is a reminder to go gold for pediatric cancer. Melina may have lost her battle. But I promised my baby girl we would win the war.

So this month we go gold for Melina. This month we fight like Melina. And she will always remind us to find her Joy along the way! Go gold for Melina! 💚🌈