Hospice Care

As a mother, I always said Melina would take me places that I never could have imagined. Over the last three and half weeks she took me to places I wish we never had to go. Not our Melina. She found peace.

All The doctors and medical staff have done is speak is of her brilliance—how special of a child she is, just a special soul. Melina has shown empathy and grace. She has endured more than most adults throughout these past three and half weeks and has never once complained. She asked to see her stitches and staples. She directed the oncologist on how to do a proper neurological exam. She truly shined, in a way that only she can.

About two months ago, prior to ever being sick, Melina told me she wanted to go to heaven on multiple occasions. I kept saying “Melina not until you are in your hundreds.” On Saturday when her sisters left to go to the beach, we told Melina she would be going with them as soon as she felt better. Melina told me, “Mommy, I don’t think I’m ever going to the beach.” Melina knows. Melina is smart and brilliant and too good for all of us.

Today we changed our mindset, and we are choosing to follow Melina’s lead. Melina was and still remains far braver and smarter than us. And she has always done so without boast. Melina has known her time here was limited. And she has accepted and taken ownership of each minute. Melina will always be my joy, our joy. Which is why it will hurt so much to miss her. Today we start with hospice. Please pray for her comfort and care.